About - Trevor Stevens

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Trevor Stevens began working in films as an actor at age 12, quickly becoming infatuated with the magic behind the camera. He latched on to a small video recorder, enlisted the help of his neighborhood friends and set out to direct gut-punching movies. He followed his passion for filmmaking through high school, serving as president of his school’s Advanced Multimedia class. Here he began learning the importance of team work and collaboration. His goal became to create not only a compelling piece of work, but something that can reach larger audiences.

He set his sights high when he applied only to Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, the film school that sparked his inspiration when he acted in a Chapman short film as a kid in 2005. During his time at Chapman, he developed close working relations with similarly passionate souls, spearheading a team that went on to create four well-received short films together. Trevor currently works as both a director and photographer through narrative storytelling and international documentary work. Whether behind camera or in front of it, you’ll find Trevor in his element telling the stories of average people pushed through extraordinary circumstances.