Trevor Stevens
 Director's Statement:  My first partnership with actors Heston Horwin and Jordan Mosley was an official selection of the 2013 Palm Springs ShortFest, San Diego Film Festival, and Irvine Film Festival. It also garnered attention as a Vimeo Staff pick in 2014 and was selected as one of the best films of Chapman University 2006-2014. Inspiration for this project came from my immediate years following high school when running into people you used to know in very awkward situations provided room for comedic stories. This was infused with an actual evidence tape I had seen during my time as an intern for my hometown's local television station, in which a donut shop was robbed by armed men. As serious as the situation was, there were moments you couldn't help but smirk at, like when one of the perpetrators had a door close on them, bonking them in the head. They say comedy is tragedy plus timing, well 'Glazed and Confused' is no exception.

Glazed and Confused - Short Film